Indoor & Outdoor Way-finding

Worlds first Way-finding (in/outdoor) software only, no infrastructure needed

We're creating a first in the world Way-finding software that allows, 2 things to find each other. Allowing two people in an airport to find each other or a person to find a store


We have been creating software to help people navigate through the world. We can get it down to a 6-inch error, meaning if you had a cup in front of you and put your phone to the left or right of it we know where it is. We use AR and our tech to help people go through airports to find a taxi driver, finding stores, shops or gates in airports. This doesn't have to be within an airport could be for door to door or used in other ways to find things. Example, have an arrow above the head of the person you are looking to find.

Key Benefits

Way-finding Software only. Don't need to buy or build extra hardware to install to make the software work like past Way-finding experiences. First in the world.


Find someone or something just using your phone. No hardware needed only software. High accurate

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