Web Application Security (AI)

AI for Web Application Security

A Self Learning System Web application security solution using AI to detect sophisticated attacks often missed by conventional web application firewalls.


We have developed the Profiler which is a Self Learning Security System, it is changing the way we protect Web Applications. The Profiler detects malicious user behaviour that is not detected by conventional signature based web application firewalls.The Profiler analyses all aspects of the web traffic, providing a comprehensive web defence that can operate independently or complement existing security systems.

Key Benefits

We detect attacks in Real-Time using AI techniques to provide an holistic, intelligent defense. We using anomaly detection to identify abnormal behaviour. We use classification systems to determine the • Sophistication: the quality of the attack string. • Capability: inference about the attacker, including if it is human or machine. • Effectiveness: critically, the server response is analysed. Zero-day or polymorphic attacks that fall outside the classification tolerances of the Profiler, are immediately flagged as high risk and assigned for labeling for future classification.


Any Web Application system.

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