Web of Needs is a new, open, decentralized Web Technology allowing to capture and match supply and demand and providing a direct communication channel.


Web of Needs (WoN is an open, Web-based, decentralized system. Like the WWW or email, anyone can run their own servers and participate. Users or Organizations post intentions (supply, demand, plans, interests) and matchmaking services (can also be run by anyone) find suitable combinations.

For suppliers of products or services, WoN is a new channel to market their products that automatically finds the demand.

For private users or the sourcing aspect of a business, WoN is a new channel for finding appropriate offerings without having to search in multiple webshops.

Key Benefits

* Post once, match anywhere
* Remain in control of your data while doing business globally
* Extensible to cover the specifics of your use case


* Online Shopping/Online Retail
* Spontaneous cooperations
* Transport

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