Our Wellbeing Measurement, Management and Reporting System improves individual, team and organisational wellbeing, by matching wellbeing solutions to employee wellbeing challenges.


The employee wellbeing market is rapidly expanding with pre- and post-pandemic employee wellbeing issues expected to cost the UK economy £2.3 billion per day. Widespread loss of focus, absenteeism, presenteeism and other value destroying behaviours are impacting, if not crippling, many employees and organisations. Consequently, the demand for effective wellbeing solutions, wellbeing management systems and methods of measuring both wellbeing and the return on wellbeing has never been greater, with the UK market passing £60 billion in 2021.

We know wellbeing is idiosyncratic i.e., an employee’s wellbeing needs are specific to them and consequently wellbeing support needs to be coordinated, provisioned, and measured at the employee level. Challenges in identifying individual wellbeing needs and baselining wellbeing have seen organisations adopting untargeted and often unmeasured blanket approaches that convey an overall positive perception that wellbeing is important but offer little measurable effect. As the wellbeing market evolves, more effective targeted solutions will become essential, however these will only work if there are capable methods of measuring, managing, and reporting employee wellbeing and wellbeing success, which until recently have relied on proxy measures such as attrition or attendance rates, which we know to be contradictory and misleading.

The KAYA portfolio of solutions has been developed to address the measurement, management and reporting gap in the wellbeing market. It is an employee wellbeing HealthTech solution that allows organisations and their managers to identify and respond to the wellbeing needs of individual employees by scientifically measuring their wellbeing levels. The KAYA Wellbeing IndexTM, created as part of the founder’s PhD and post-doctoral research, measures wellbeing and identifies idiosyncratic employee wellbeing issues through a short online questionnaire and using a proprietary behavioural algorithm creates a trackable wellbeing score that when aggregated with other employee scores can be benchmarked against other team and/or company scores. The results are stored in the KAYA Wellbeing Management System which allows organisations and their employees to record individual wellbeing challenges, ensure challenges are managed and when resolved demonstrate quantitively that employee wellbeing has improved. Wellbeing levels can be tracked periodically through the KAYA Pulse Survey which provides the data for the Wellbeing Indexing and wellbeing improvements correlated with initiatives, providing a demonstrable and reportable return on wellbeing for wellbeing managers and wellbeing service providers.

Key Benefits

KAYA Pulse Surveys & KAYA Wellbeing Index offer an anonymous and simple method of measuring wellbeing and capturing actionable wellbeing insight.
KAYA Pulse Surveys & the publication of the KAYA Wellbeing Index raises wellbeing awareness and demonstrates organisational commitment to employee wellbeing.
KAYA Wellbeing Index allows teams, departments, and organisations to benchmark wellbeing across their operations and identify poor wellbeing hotspots.
KAYA Pulse Surveys and the periodic reporting of the KAYA Wellbeing Index allow those responsible for wellbeing and wellbeing investments to demonstrate ongoing wellbeing improvements and returns on wellbeing.
KAYA Pulse Surveys and the KAYA Wellbeing Management System personalises wellbeing and
creates measurable and actionable wellbeing insight. Employees can choose to self service or ask for help and support from Wellbeing Ambassadors.
KAYA Wellbeing Management System optimises wellbeing solution provision through intelligent signposting and ensures that employees get the right wellbeing advice and support at the right time.
KAYA improves wellbeing and consequently engagement levels as employees can engage with work challenges and not wellbeing challenges.
KAYA improves wellbeing investment decision making by providing a demonstrable effect on wellbeing.
KAYA Wellbeing Management System provides wellbeing ambassadors with a dedicated workspace and supports employee wellbeing management
Supports the adoption of ISO43001


The KAYA Wellbeing Index and KAYA Wellbeing Platform has the following applications:

Organisational Wellbeing Measurement & Management – Organisations of any size can use the solution to measure, manage and report wellbeing. The size of business is not important however the solution is particularly beneficial to employers where employees operate at different sites, as a site-by-site comparison can easily be completed, or where they have geographical or location specific issues such as bullying or poor management teams. In these instances, the KAYA Index and Platform can support:

• Identify wellbeing issues and pockets of poor wellbeing
• Measure the success of a wellbeing strategies across different locations
• Create a periodic pulse report showing improvements to wellbeing by locations

Wellbeing Ambassador Support - The Index and Platform can support newly created Wellbeing Ambassadors roles which are becoming more popular, especially in larger employers. The Index and Platform provides them with a system within which they can manage and report their work:

• Track their workload
• Repot wellbeing activity
• Demonstrate wellbeing improvements

Charities and Industry Body Benchmarking & Awards - The Index can be used by Charities and Industry Bodies to support their member organisations and allow for benchmarking and awards for wellbeing achievements.

Wellbeing Due Diligence - The Index and Platform can be used by investment businesses to assess the level of wellbeing in their investment companies and identify where wellbeing can improve their return on investment as well as a due diligence solution when assessing potential new investments.

Lead Generation for Wellbeing Solution Providers – The Index and Platform can be used to help target the application and use of wellbeing solutions and improve the efficacy of these solutions for their clients.

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