This is a very revolutionary tool that is widely used for real-time image processing and sensor processing. Data labeling for images, 3D LiDAR, and 2D&3D Sensor Fusion datasets


BasicAI Xtreme1 is an open-source suite that speedily develops and iterates your datasets and models. The built-in AI-assisted tools take your labeling efforts to the next level of efficiency. Your full data-centric MLOps lifecycle is taken care of with reproducibility, manageability, and automation.
First free commercial-level LiDAR data labeling platform. Supports all data types, formats, ML backends ; storage providers. Prepare training data for computer vision, natural language processing, autonomous driving models

Key Benefits

Key features
1️⃣ Data labeling for images, 3D LiDAR and 2D&3D Sensor Fusion datasets
2️⃣ Built-in models for object detection, instance segmentation and classification
3️⃣ Configurable Ontology for general classes (hierarchies) and attributes for use in your model training
4️⃣ Data management and quality control
5️⃣ Data debug and model-training
6️⃣ AI-powered tools for model performance evaluation


Autonomous drving, Medical, Education, Big data, Retail

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