Transforming Information into Knowledge

Leveraging a proprietary knowledge graph able to draw inferences from data points for semantic enrichment by extracting meaning in the form of concepts.


The solution is not anymore about treating Information but rather: Extracting Knowledge from Information. We have entered into the Knowledge Economy which leverages from the success of the last 50 years of Information Economy. Yewno aims at understanding context and meaning. It does by ingesting a multitude of cross-disciplinary sources and it then extracts meaning by correlating concepts. This AI technology is perfect for organising, understanding and analysing large amounts of content sets at topic, sub topic and concept level. It enables you to read a huge amount of content, that would be unimaginable for a human-being to do, and extract concepts buried within them to find inferences, connections and relationships. This enables an organisation to better understand what they have and leverage them to empower and provide efficacy to business units.

Key Benefits

-Understand huge amounts of content sets without bias -Cost effectively organise content sets -Improve efficiencies -Quantify and highlight strengths of the organisation -Quickly respond to changing market nets


Education - reading and understanding large content sets eg a library repository to better understand and leverage this information for researchers and end users. Quantify research-out put for strategic decision making. Provide enhanced semantic metadata to improve discoverability of resources. Publishing (Non Fiction) - reading and understanding all content sets to empower and provide a deeper understanding at topic, sub topic and concept level. This granularity provides vital information to improve discoverability of content eg on a website/platform, sales & marketing, as well as editorial and strategy. Corporate (Pharma/Oil&Gas/Aerospace/Engineering/Healthcare) - organising, understanding and analysing different and diverse content sets to understand how this information can be used/reused internally or discarded. This kind of information can empower sales, marketing, planning & strategy and RnD.

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