ZeroPlast Labs develops sustainable materials to replace oil based plastics. The materials are derived form biomass waste and can be used to develop both flexible and rigid product


ZeroPlast Labs upcycles biomass waste into feedstocks for bioplastics and biocomposites.
The materials will replace flexible and rigid oil based plastics with sustainable materials which are completely biobased and biodegradable.
ZeroPlasts bioplastics and biocomposites are created using a patented CelluBlend technology that makes the material affordable, scalable, thermally stable, food-safe, and easily biodegradable & compostable in natural conditions. The material has been tested for quality and performance at Indian Institute of Packaging and Autocluster Pune for food safety, compostability, mechanical and barrier properties as per FSSAI and CPCB guidelines.

Key Benefits

Environmental impact: Farmers across India burn 350 million tons of biomass waste and on the other hand 9.5 million tons of plastic waste is produced annually. By upcycling 300 tons of biomass waste into bioplastics and composites in just 1st year of development will result in: Diversion of 300 tons of each biomass and plastic waste from incineration, landfill, and oceans and Prevention of 1800 tons of carbon emissions
Social impact: We intend to uplift farmers, waste-warriors, and small-scale entrepreneurs by establishing a decentralized system of sourcing and processing biomass waste into bioplastics and biocomposites. By our calculations, we are able


Flexible packaging items: Paper coatings, flexible films, multi-layer packaging, disposable cutlery, pouch.
Rigid packaging items: Injection moulded, 3D Printed, Packaging, Consumer Goods, Toys, Shoes, and much more.

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