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Fujitsu is currently looking for technologies in which they can sense the customer experience, both for business to customer and for business to business.

Application Deadline
December 31st, 2020



Fujitsu has been working with a Manufacturers for decades and is a specialist manufacturer of batteries and consumer electronic devices

Insight into customer experience for products such as electric toothbrushes and vaping is difficult because you cannot send the customers a survey, you’re not connected to them and seeing how they are reacting.  We don’t know in detail when people are using these products and what their experience is.  And so fine tuning retailers services and product development relies on traditional marketing techniques.


Fujitsu is currently looking for technologies in which they can sense the customer experience, both for business to customer and for business to business. 

The former possibly is easier, given the technological potential of a wifi connected toothbrush or even an e-cigarette. For example, the motion of the product feeds sensors that can be built into and connected to give new insight.  The other part of the challenge is to collect the data from those products to inform customer preferences, new product development and better experiences.

We can better inform product development based on the sensing and insight.

The latter we want to know how better we can gather information of the b2b experience from the producer to the manufacturer to the wholesaler e.g. the coffee bean/ tobacco farmer may not be very literate but needs to feedback to the wholesaler the product delivery and transaction experience. The plastics moulder for toothbrushes may wish to refine its logistics.  This feedback would help the manufacturer to sharpen up delivery times for example. A further consideration is that the manufacturer wants to know about the person bringing the crop in and the manufacturer wants to share with the producer the quality of that particular producer’s quality of product and make cropping suggestions for example over and above the typical applications available today in this sector. Same applies for plastic products brought from far afield.

We are looking for emerging technology out there that will add features to a standard farmer/producer application.

What's in it for you?

High volume low value repeatable sales that could be realised on a fraction of pennies per use/ per unit at the customer, manufacturer, producer transaction/interaction points. 
Engagement with regulators.
Access to all areas of the supply chain for innovation.
Working with a large enterprise customer.