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BP is interested in views from individuals on which game-changing technology trends they should focus on to support them in the energy transition.

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We live in a time of unprecedented growth and change. Technology and innovation continue to accelerate, and touch almost every aspect of our lives.

This brings countless benefits, but also creates uncertainty about the future. One of the biggest questions surrounds climate change. While the world demands more energy to fuel its rapid growth and lift people out of poverty, it’s also demanding fewer emissions and a path to a low carbon future.

At BP, we embrace this dual challenge. For more than 100 years we have looked to the future, adapted to the world’s ever-changing needs and met challenges like this head on. At BP we don’t just produce energy, we advance it.

Technology is ever present in all we do - from safely discovering and recovering oil and gas, to renewable energy, digital and lower carbon fuels and products. Our Technology Futures team is at the heart of this, providing scientifically and economically underpinned insights and understanding.


To tackle the dual challenge of meeting the growing energy demand of the world with fewer emissions, BP is interested in views from individuals on which game-changing technology trends they should focus on to support them in energy transition.

For example, the technology trends that could impact the power sector, transport sector, industrial sector, buildings or across the entire energy sector.

This global challenge is an opportunity for individuals to share their views, challenge BP’s thinking and influence their strategy.

What’s in it for you?

BP actively seeks external perspectives from individuals on energy transition and game changing technologies that are used internally to influence their overall thinking and strategy. 

This gives you the opportunity to not only influence BP’s strategy, but become a part of the BP community that will shape the future of energy within the company. Your contribution could lead to further interaction with BP to highlight specific technologies to focus on. 

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To say thank you for your contribution, BP have made relevant publications available in the 'Feed' tab of this Network to give further insight into their strategy and results.

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