Kerry Taste & Nutrition are interested in solutions that explore and understand the use of fermentation as a means of delivering compounds.



Kerry Taste & Nutrition's goal is to delight and nourish consumers across the globe with products people enjoy and feel better about. They are proud to provide their customers with the expertise, insights and know-how they need to deliver products that people enjoy and feel better about consuming.


Fermentation is a complex system of reactions brought about by microorganisms. It has been harnessed to the benefit of the food industry for centuries. The benefits of consuming fermented foods are well studied and understood and currently are seen as a major industry trend.

Fermentation as a process can impart specific properties to foods and also create unique compounds that can enhance food safety/preservation, taste & texture.

Kerry Taste & Nutrition are interested in exploring and understanding the use of fermentation as a means of delivering compounds that impart the following to foods / ingredients manufactured in an industrial setting:

  • Unique flavour
  • Unique texture
  • Health benefits
  • Preservative effects
  • Other desirable properties / effects

Kerry T&N are interested in market ready products, novel ideas / developments or discussing potential collaboration with experts in the area.

Kerry T&N puts great emphasis on respecting IP ownership, and will work to a common agreement with any interested party prior to any discussions as required.

What’s in it for you?

Kerry Taste & Nutrition offers a ready route to market and potentially a route to scale / commercialise your product through partnership. For solutions requiring fundamental research, Kerry can collaborate with you to advance this research.

Whether you are already an organisation in this field, or are an entrepreneur looking to advance in this area, Kerry Taste & Nutrition would like to connect with you!

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