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Improving the quality of life by using renewable natural resources.

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A global pulp and paper organisation are seeking innovative new cellulose-based materials for use in new industries.

Network Summary


Our client is a leading pulp and paper company. Together with their international partner, they implement the world's best practices in the forest industry.


Our client is looking for innovative new cellulose-based materials for use in new industries (new products) in the following areas:

1. Cellulosic composites (ie. materials that are a mixture of "cellulose fiber" and a second component, for example a biodegradable base), to replace plastics and petrochemical polymers for construction, automotive and structural materials.

2. Modified cellulose fiber for use in medicine, pharmaceuticals as a basis of materials. For example; implants, artificial leather, additives, etc.

3. Solutions based on traditional cellulose products (paper and cardboard), in new applications, such as customized solutions like functional paper and heavy-duty cardboard.

Our client is interested in the most breakthrough technologies, and solutions should demonstrate that the solution works effectively in new industries. However, they understand that the subject is broad, so would also consider concepts and prototypes.

What's in it for you?

A successful collaboration could mean, for individuals, becoming part of the wider Global Pulp and Paper Organisation, while for organisations, forming a partnership/joint venture to co-develop and co-launch the idea to market.

This is a global challenge and our client is willing to collaborate with both individuals/freelancers and other industry participants/universities etc. and solutions can be at any stage of development, from concept to market-ready.

If you have or are developing solutions, or if you have expertise in this area and would like to get in front of our client, please click "Apply" to submit your solution/expertise to the Network.