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AB Mauri are looking for the ideal mould inhibitor for use in the baking industry.



AB Mauri is a global family of yeast and bakery ingredients companies operating in all parts of the world as a division of Associated British Foods plc. AB Mauri is a business devoted to the baking industry. With 52 plants, operations in 32 countries and sales in over 100, it is a truly global yeast and bakery ingredients business, supporting and enabling the world’s bakers, both small and large. AB Mauri has its global headquarters in the UK and has more than 7000 employees.

AB Mauri's bakery ingredients headquarters in the Netherlands, conducts research to develop future technologies to support the growth of the baking industry, both in bread and in sweet bakery product categories.


AB Mauri are looking for the ideal mould inhibitor for use in the baking industry.

This must be effective against all well-known bread spoiling fungi but should not be active against yeast. It should have no (negative) effect on bread flavour and aroma, may not interfere with the breadmaking process and should be heat stable, retaining antimicrobial activity in the final product.

Due to ever increasing product shelf life demands, the food industry in general demands highly effective food grade mould inhibitors/antimicrobials. The bakery industry is no exception but has some particular and unique demands of its own. There are several products known and used for their positive effects on extending mould free shelf life, but most of them have drawbacks in terms of (off) flavour, non-natural or they give negative effects on product quality or problems in processing. Additionally, baking applications give further challenges to antimicrobials as they need to be resistant to baking temperatures and retain their protective properties in the finished product. Further challenges in yeast-raised products exist as antimicrobials must be selective against spoilage microorganisms but not yeast. 

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