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Wales & West Utilities seek a partner to develop the opportunities identified for greater coordination between electricity and gas networks for real time operations and forecasting of flexible gas generation.



Wales & West Utilities work in a fast paced and ever evolving industry. Regulatory changes, a shifting political landscape and the economic climate mean that if they are to thrive as a business, they need to meet today’s challenges and get ready for tomorrow's. Building on their great reputation for safety and customer service, they're focussed on innovation, value and partnerships.


Wales & West Utilities seek a partner to develop the opportunities identified for greater coordination between electricity and gas networks for real time operations and forecasting of flexible gas generation.

Although opportunities have been identified for gas generation, the learning could be extended for use in other areas such as power-to-gas in the longer term.

The aim of this project is to develop flexible gas generation modelling capability across network control centres optimising the sharing of relevant data sets.

The main outcome of the work will be to assist stakeholders as follows:

National Grid (NG) Gas Transmission

  • Improved demand forecasting accuracy potentially reducing the impact on market prices and associated price fluctuation
  • Improved planning and efficient use of the NTS (including compressor usage), potentially leading to lower own use gas and carbon emissions

Gas Distribution

  • Improved forecasting accuracy of generation will ensure gas distribution operating strategies are optimised
  • Improved quality of information provided to the National Transmission System (gas)

Electricity Transmission System Operator (ESO)

  • Increased visibility of DNO connected load, generation, and constraint information (e.g. constraining solar export – covered by ICC)
  • Increased visibility of DNO connected load and generation profiles (forecast and actual)

Electricity Distribution Network Operators (DNOs)

  • Increased information about gas constraints or commercial terms that may impact their ability to operate
  • Increased information about gas generation profiles (forecast and actual)

Customers and Stakeholders

Improving the operation of gas and electricity networks to support flexible generation will benefit customer and stakeholders in a number of ways including:

  • Better support from networks to enable them to participate in generation markets as required
  • More streamlined communication routes reducing duplication
  • Cost savings associated with more efficient network and compressor usage
  • CO2 savings associated with reduced compressor usage
  • Future benefits as principles are applied in the future to power to gas and hybrid heating system optimisation
  • Optimal whole system operation will result in less disruption and increased reliability particularly at times of system stress

Wales & West Utilities are leading this innovation call with the intention to extend it to other utility companies in the future.

All submissions must outline the following:

  • Proposed Solution (With high level project plan/timelines)
  • Estimated Cost (including breakdown of costs)
  • Deliverables

What’s in it for you?

A successful collaboration could mean, for individuals, becoming part of the wider Wales & West Utilities group, while for organisations, forming a partnership/joint venture to co-develop and co-launch the idea to market.

These are global challenges and Wales & West Utilities are willing to collaborate with both individuals/freelancers and other industry participants/universities etc. and solutions can be at any stage of development.

If you have or are developing solutions, or if you have expertise in the above, please click "Apply" to submit your solution/expertise to the Network.

The deadline for applications is Friday 15th May 2020.

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