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Tech Innovation Challenge

IBM are inviting applications from hi-tech innovators and SME’s from across EMEA who have developed innovative technologies in the field of responsible.computing (infrastructure), responsible.computing (data usage) and responsible.computing (impact).



Addressing the world’s most pressing challenges cannot be done in isolation by companies.  It requires collaboration and partnership between organisations of all sizes.

Together… IBM, in collaboration with Innovation Engineering company, Whitespace, and other Enterprises and technology SMEs, will facilitate the showcase and application of innovative technologies to make positive steps for sustainable development in 2021.

Next year focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals leading up to the United Nations COP26 Summit in November 2021, where the UK & Italian Governments will jointly host the 193 nations debating solutions to these challenges.

The responsible.computing () Tech Innovation Challenge is one way we can collaborate and make a positive difference focusing on how technology can make a change for good.


With sustainability and climate change as a global priority, we may wonder what role innovation and technology can play in addressing this. 

In response, we are inviting applications from hi-tech innovators and SME’s from across EMEA who have developed innovative technologies in the fields of responsible.computing (infrastructure), responsible.computing (data usage) and responsible.computing (impact).

The applicants will also be able to demonstrate alignment to Clean Energy, Clean Transport, Clean Cities, Resilience and Adoption and the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources.

Unleash your ideas and tell your stories of how you are using technology to address these challenges and making an impact on the world as we know it.




What's in it for you?

As a global technology company and together with Whitespace, we can provide expertise and support to engage and collaborate with leading organisations, governments and SMEs globally. IBM, together with our key corporate partners, will select a number of stand-out teams to progress forward and work on the Tech Innovation Challenge.

This Challenge offers several opportunities for all applicants:

  • General awareness, promotion and branding for all applicants.
  • The opportunity to showcase their product to leading corporates, governments and with support from IBM.
  • The opportunity to partner with our key corporates and IBM to run a pilot or “proof-of-concept” project, including working with our Developer and R&D teams.
  • Available Cloud Engagement Funds based on a successful business case.
  • Potential partnership with IBM and our corporates to access new markets and accelerate product and/or service development.
  • The most exciting and impactful applicants will be selected for a planned Expo Showcase at a Sustainability Digital Conference in early 2021 to which will be invited Governments, Corporates, NGO’s and other SMEs.
  • All eligible applicants will receive a VIP invitation to also attend the conference and have the ability to network and engage with all the organisations present.
  • Opportunities for all applicants to join IBM’s Partner Ecosystem and associated benefits.
  • Chosen startups will also be reviewed by the COP26 team and may feature at next years COP26 conference.

Entry Criteria

  • The solution must be at least an early-stage prototype and meet Technology Readiness Level 4 requirements
  • All applicants must be a registered company
  • Your application must align to one or more of the Responsible Computing Themes

Challenge Dates

29 January 2021 - Application Deadline

February 2021 - The Selection Process

March 2021 – Finalist Selection

The Application

Applications will close on 29 January 2021 at 23:59 (GMT).

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]