Solvent Disposal

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Merck Animal Health is seeking solutions to reduce waste and dispose of unused solvents.



Animal diseases reduce global livestock population by around 20%. Two-thirds of the world’s 1.5 billion poor people are reliant on livestock as their main source of food and income. Merck Animal Health, a division of Merck & Co, work to discover, develop and deliver novel animal health products and solutions that improve the health of animals, ensure sustainable food supplies, protect public health and help people and pets enjoy their lives together.


The new swine vaccine Merck Animal Health is about to launch consists of a lyophilized cake (solid) and, to dissolve it, 2 choices of solvent (a standard solvent and/or a second vaccine). By regulation, the solid portion must be sold together with the standard solvent. However, this solvent will go to waste every time a customer decides to dissolve the solid cake with the second vaccine instead. In this situation:

  1. The customer will be paying for some material that he won’t be using (standard solvent vial) – thus he can challenge us on the price/value;
  2. The customer will be throwing away / disposing of a vial of perfectly usable solvent – this can create a negative image from an environmental point of view. The company needs an innovative idea on how to manage this situation both from the sustainability and from the cost point of view.

Therefore, Merck Animal Health is seeking solutions to reduce waste and dispose of the unused solvent.

What’s in it for you?

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