Field of Expertise

Dermatology. Immunology.


I have got a strong expertise in business competitive intelligence and the identification of new market needs in the dermatology & dermocosmetics fields, and in the application of those insights to the developmental (R&D&I and product itself) and commercial (innovation, marketing) sides of the business, thus helping to give rise to pioneering solutions adapted to specific market needs in the pharmaceutical/OTC and consumer (CPG, FMCG) segments. Aside from dermatology, I have a very strong background in immunology and thus a deep expertise in all kinds of developments related to dermatological conditions with a marked inflammatory component (innate and/or adaptive immunity-related): e.g. different types of dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, skin pigmentation disorders, etc.

In the beginning of my professional career I managed basic research projects, and unveiled some of the molecular mechanisms behind the development of melanoma, non-melanoma skin cancer and skin aging as well as the role that the inflammatory processes concomitant to these and other dermatological conditions played in their onset, progress and possible outcomes. During this period, I develop strong relationships with MDs and was also involved in the performance of some clinical research.

Afterwards, I moved into the dermatology and skincare industry where I have led the conceptualization and development of advanced biotech/biomedical-based solutions (mainly in collaboration with CROs and dermatologists; also using agile methodologies such as open innovation approaches), along with the corresponding patents development in some cases, and the branding/marketing of the resulting products/treatments; all while acting as Innovation Manager/Consultant or Scientific and Business Advisor.