Field of Expertise

User Experience & Service Design


Helena Hill Consulting is a digital growth consultancy with specialisms in user experience design (UX), customer experience planning (CX) and digital transformation. We have extensive experience of working on a cross sector basis helping organisations develop and enhance customer centred processes and experiences. Our specialisms include:

*Customer interaction design - awareness, discovery, cultivation and advocacy
*Customer blueprint ideation and planning to identify potential improvements and ways to eliminate redundancy
*Identification of CX maturity model and mapping a plan to improve for significant customer acquisition and retention
*Low hanging fruit: identifying ‘easy wins’ that will make a large impact, improve organisational alignment and drive competitiveness and profitability
*Buyer persona and competitor research to help increase customer value and refine strategies
*Auditing of present digital platforms to identify opportunities for improvementIdentification and prioritisation of business goals and how UX principles can be leveraged on an organisational level to achieve these
*Using qualitative and quantitative data to regularly measure the success of UX practices in growth and marketing areas
*Education in information architecture and interaction design to facilitate better user experience on digital platforms which can lead to triple digit growth
*Eradication of obstacles which may be preventing organisations from reaching their potential