Field of Expertise

Internet of Things


Yesitis is a phygital company which core business is to develop iOT on demand. We have created an iOT Studio starting from R&D and design to manufacturing in our integrated factory in France.
We can start from the design and customization of features for any environment and provide a connected ioT by embarking in an agnostic way any type of technology (sigfox, lora, NBiot, 4G, BLE…).
Yesitis has been founded in 2016 with the purpose of becoming a leader in the phygital thinking environment. We developped our own secure platform to manage all ioT data and enable an interface with our customers.
Yesitis was awarded in Las Vegas CES 2017 for a connected vinyl record in the category « digital imaging ». The purpose was to bring a new music listening medium by an authentic phygital solution due to the lack of sentimental relation following the music dematerialization.
Yesitis has been awarded in Las Vegas CES 2018 for an ioT sensor that is continuously registering temperature with a precision of 0.1°C. We produce our own sensors and NFC chips for each customizable casing.
Connecting: Yesitis has developed an internationally patented solution that allows any object to be assigned a unique, impossible to reproduce “identity”. A label or NFC tag Yesitis is affixed on any object, it is then necessary to approach a compatible smartphone. We have implemented that solution with knives made in France for example. There is a passive NFC chip inside the knive that can authenticate it and fight counterfeiting. We have also developped solutions for wine bottles to assess that there has been no opening of the bottle in order to protect brand image.