Field of Expertise



ARFID is a pritavely owned company, founded in 2007. ARFID is compliant with ISO 9001 standards. With two R&D centers and four factories, ARFID is mastering RFID and contactless technologies from the conception and the design to all stages of the manufacturing and the production.

The innovation and the quality are fundamental in the corporate strategy and drive a continuous investment in cutting edge equipment and talent recruitment, enabling an unique market positioning and an ever-growing business in the emerging IOT sector.

ARFID acts as a leading actor in RFID, providing contactless, trustful and worldwide solutions. Our expertise involves electronic identification, smart sensing, transponders and readers for RFID traceability. We do have experience in manufacturing with facilities in Bulgaria and China.

We also provide on demand RFID solution customized products and we designed custom inhouse antenna for optimum reading range.