Field of Expertise

Starting technology companies


KWWK provides hands on support to company founders, either before incorporation or in the early stages of the company’s development, to transform an intellectual asset into a successful business.

It is not enough to have great science, or just a patent. To succeed a business will require many other skills and resources including legal, financial and production expertise, together with staff, premises and marketing. Assembling these resources, while allowing the founders to retain control of their vision is vital for any young company.
Strategy : Converting scientific/technical vision into credible business propositions.

Communication : Articulating complex technical issues to non-experts in writing & oral presentation.

Leadership : Building and leading multi-disciplinary teams to meet diverse stakeholder interests.

Management : Coordinating workstreams to meet objectives, maximising use of scarce resources.

Finance : Fund raising. Planning and managing complex projects and businesses

Legal : Negotiating corporate, property and employment agreements.