Field of Expertise

electrical, chemical and computer engineering, innovative product development, entrepreneurship


Fourteen years experience in petro-chemical industry designing and managing major capital expansion projects, primarily in energy systems. Thirty-six years experience in manufacturing. Founded Energy Technologies, Inc. in 1992, which continues to design and manufacture high-reliability equipment for defense, communications, industrial and medical sectors. Developed numerous intelligent energy generating, conditioning and storage products that directly impacts our lives. The knowledge and experience to integrate multiple functions into a compact space while improving system management, maintainability and reliability. This includes innovative, cost effective designs that operate in harsh environments while meeting commercial and military specifications for performance while surviving mechanical shock, vibration, wide temperatures, humidity and electromagnetic compatibility.

Founded Eco Energy International, LLC. in 2015 to commercialize the fuel cell and hydrogen production technologies developed in R & D. Hold 52 US and International Patents. Initially developed fuel cell generator for military applications. Since a hydrogen infrastructure is not currently available on a global basis, we turned our attention to developing technology to produce hydrogen from locally available organic feedstocks. The current focus is utilizing municipal and agricultural wastes that is readily available in all civilized areas. This approach also helps solve environmental issues associated with organic wastes such as landfills and the associated methane produced by decaying organics. The hydrogen produced is considered renewable green hydrogen which is highly sought.