Field of Expertise

Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence


I am an AI/ML consultant, researcher, and trainer. I started my ML/AI journey during my PhD back in 2011, when I used computer vision, predictive analytics, and statistical modelling to investigate how biological cell move and interact with each other. Right after my PhD, in 2015, I co-founded a boutique consulting company, Dacian Consulting, where I continue to help startups and enterprises on their road to AI. I was always passionate about research & innovation, thus, recently I co-founded the Center for Intelligent Machines to help companies to re-skill or up skill their workforce through AI/ML training programmes, to grow their in-house AI/ML capabilities through our targeted executive search, and to provide a platform for knowledge transfer between AI/ML research and applications. Currently I am also an Associate Professor in the Computer Science department of the Romanian American University, Bucharest where conduct research at the intersection between dynamical systems, machine learning, and multi agent systems with applications to social, economic, and biological sciences and teach software engineering and artificial intelligence.