Field of Expertise

AR, VR, MR, MX, UI, UX, IoT, AI, BIM, AIM Digital Twin, Immersive Training, E-Learning


Philip Pauley is the founder of PAULEY, a multi-award-winning immersive technology software consultancy founded in 2015, specialising in next generation training, asset management and digital twinning for major projects and critical national infrastructure operators and owners. Last year alone PAULEY helped to secure 4 major national frameworks for Tier 1 partners worth over £5bn.

PAULEY (Interactive) is part of Pauley Group (Est. 1975), a diverse entity comprising property, education, construction and digital transformational services. At the turn of the Millenium Pacific Investments (£50bn investment portfolio) approached the Pauley Group to establish as educational joint venture which was successfully sold on time, on target.

Philip specializes in offering strategic advice and consultancy to augment People, Process, Data and Things for next generation engineering, infrastructure and environmental projects aligned to the UK Governments Industrial Strategy and Green Revolution, UN Race to Zero and global climate change mitigation objectives.

Philip has participated in range of Arctic and Ocean conservation projects and has advised the US Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group. He is a Director of the European Training and Simulation Association (ETSA), Founder of the Simulation, Training and Assessment for Resilience and Safety Symposium (STC), AssetClone and the Inner Space Initiative. Philip is also proud to be assisting and supporting the ASTRA Core team in driving change within the Royal Air Force.

Honoured by the world renowned Green GOOD DESIGN Award, Philip was the only innovator to have 3 projects featured in the INNOVATION IS GREAT BRITAIN campaign for the Queens Diamond Jubilee and London Olympic Games. The campaign featured his work alongside 120 other innovators including 76 Nobel Prize Winners in Science & Technology.

He pioneered “floating” solar farms and solar desalination systems as emerging global renewable energy industries and designs large scale (closed and semi-closed habitats) self-sustainable terrestrial and underwater habitats to protect and sustain human life.

As a student Philip focused his studies on humanity's preparedness for global warming and his thesis focused on sustaining humanity, global trade and international commerce in pandemic free, self-sustainable climate resilient communities.

Philip has scuba dived extensively around the world including the Galapagos, Chuuk Lagoon and Dyer Island and is arguably one of the last humans to stand at the geographic North Pole via Ice Camp Barneo.