Field of Expertise

Connectivity for people and things. Low power terrestrial IoT networks and unique mobile mesh network.


Wyld Networks combine fixed IoT technologies with mobile mesh technologies and software development capabilities. Wyld delivers a unique combination of skills for the IoT age - unique mobile ad hoc networks and LoRa® connected devices form robust connectivity. Deliver data-driven solutions to give your business competitive advantage.

LoRa® and LoraWAN® connectivity deliver information from sensors and devices in all environments even if there is no cellular or wifi connection. From the smart meter world to agribusiness, Wyld Networks connects and delivers data. With terrestrial networks and sensor to satellite LoRaWAN no where is too remote or difficult to reach. Be informed, make the right decisions and maximise productivity.

Wyld's mobile mesh networkiing solution enables smart phones to connect to smartphones without the need for 4G or wife. With unique peer to peer meshing technology Wyld has a unique scalable additional infrastructure-lite connectivity solution and SaaS management platform. Utilise social distancing management, geozones and dynamic geozones to deeliver operational, saftely and commercial revenue generating opportunities to staff and customers.