Field of Expertise

UX design, design thinking, brand and marketing


Are you using web technology to get ahead of your competition and delight customers? If not, I can help. DM me.

A firm believer in 'there is a better way'.

Digital service transformation is benefiting organisations of all kinds, re-inventing business models and placing customers at the heart of decision making, product development and experience design. This movement made possible by adopting human-centred design and Agile principles is creating new, simplified products and services that people love to use.

I am an experienced strategist, experience designer and have a track record managing digital design and development teams, that craft services across digital channels and improve the efficiency of the tools that manage business operations.

Unfazed by ambiguity I’m comfortable taking a project through a journey of discovery. I have a hunger for getting things done, taking the initiative to lead workshops, inspire stakeholders and project teams.

I have worked with many diverse organisations to improve efficiency, increase revenues and crucially, build greater engagement with customers with creative thinking around technologies, products and services.

I am creative, collaborative, commercially minded and driven to deliver, with years of practical hands-on design and management experience coupled with an ever growing awareness and understanding of the technical development and delivery of web-based applications.

Area of expertise:
Digital Strategy and Planning, Service Transformation, Startup Product Design, User Experience (UX) and Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design, Digital brand development, Rapid Prototyping, Emerging Technologies, Web and Mobile Applications, E-commerce, Web Optimisation and Digital Marketing (SEO/CRO), Idea generation.

Want to work with me and the Newicon team? Get in touch on 0117 205 0425 or email [email protected]

I am always up for meeting new people from all walks of life, whether over a coffee, beer or a virtual zoom call.

I’m currently mentoring a UX Designer in Montreal, Canada remotely and also a group of students from the University of West of England (UWE). I’m also actively involved in pushing a Design Thinking mindset into the education system in the region through local initiatives with businesses and universities.

The more meaningful conversations we all have, the more we can all help one another. Opportunities come about when great ideas are shared. I believe in open innovation and collaboration. Let’s chat!