Field of Expertise

Headless Commerce, Ecommerce, Order Management, Product Information Management, Warehouse Management, Merchandising, Promotions, Personalisation and Analytics


For retailers looking to scale, be competitive and attract new customers they need to be flexible, agile and quick to respond to consumer demands. When retailers are trying to innovate traditional commerce slows down decision making and quite often causes more issues than it solves. It is also becoming paramount that retailers focus on personalisation, the industry has realised its simply not possible with legacy monolithic architecture which relies on hard coded dependencies across the entire business. This is why headless was born. It allows retailers to decouple the front and back end so they can quickly adjust and innovate without slowing down progress or breaking technology. You simply add what you need at a pace and budget that suits you. Through our API-first, cloud based SaaS package business capabilities covering Ecommerce, OMS, PIM and Analytics we can offer specialised features and solutions based on your unique requirements and priorities. Each module is valuable alone but invaluable together.