Field of Expertise

Insight-led customer and revenue growth


Businesses need customers to grow, and being able to quickly respond to your customer's evolving needs and expectations is a competitive advantage.
However, many businesses struggle with customer blind spots. Whether you call them customers, clients, members, employees or stakeholders, the same two challenges keep reappearing:

- Developing an 'outside-in' view of your brand and customer experiences. This goes beyond metrics to understand why customers buy from and refer you and where service expectations don't match reality.
- Implementing customer-centric decision-making. Developing the culture, strategy and processes to turn rich customer insights into great customer experiences.

During my career, I’ve helped a wide range of businesses address these challenges. Banking, telecoms, professional services, energy, sports and startup businesses in the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The common thread has been my driving passions for technology, great customer experiences and exploring new ideas.

After years of working with individual businesses to solve this problem, I decided to address the root cause. So I co-founded My Customer Lens the real-time feedback aggregation platform.

My Customer Lens combines AI and industry expertise to solve those two challenges at scale. With a focus on B2B and a solution that supports the current wave of digital transformation, it feels like we're in the right place at the right time.