Field of Expertise

Tech & Innovation Business Developer


I am passionate about bringing innovations to market, bridging the gap between large and small businesses, finding tech driven solutions to big problems, and inspiring people to see beyond their current horizons. As former Innovation Director at Oxford Innovation I helped dozens of small innovators to unlock their potential.

Below are a few highlights that exhibit what I can do:

A RELENTLESS BUSINESS DEVELOPER. Outgunned multi-national competitors Agilysys and Micros to secure long term agreements for my start-up tech company with $billion clients, Sodexo and Centerplate.

HIGHLY CUSTOMER FOCUSED. Helped clients including an innovative bank to truly understand their customers and gain deep, game changing insight.

TRANSLATOR BETWEEN LARGE AND SMALL BUSINESS. Successfully bridged the cultural, procedural and resource gaps to reach mutually beneficial middle ground for the establishment of productive deals.

MAXIMISING COST BENEFIT. Jointly lead the concept and development of a mobile commerce solution for 30% of estimated cash cost including free bespoke firmware from big tech.
Helped ex Unilever lead start-up to very leanly test their IOT proposition in the market for under £25k following £300k of ill-advised sunk cost.

A PROVEN ECOSYSTEM BUILDER. Successfully built out growth resources for Oxford Innovation including fruitful relationships with organisations such as Virgin Startup, Google, SAGE, public sector, corporates, investors, academia etc..

AN INTERNATIONAL OPERATOR. Born and raised in the Caribbean, educated in North America and the UK. 17 years employment and business experience in the UK, Europe, North America. 5 years experience in the Caribbean.

A CREATIVE, AMBITIOUS BUSINESS BUILDER. Known for identifying and unlocking new commercial value propositions and for inspiring people to reach for big goals.