Field of Expertise

Proptech, Real Estate Development and Investments, Banking


I started my professional career by working at the Tallinn University of Technology which is the only flagship in engineering and IT science and education in Estonia. From there I jumped into the corporate bank department in Nordea where I was dealing with companies in the oil and shipping industries.

However, I found a true passion in the real estate sector while working in an international investment company where I gained extensive experience in real estate investment and development. I was dealing with different real estate projects in Croatia, Ukraine, Russia, and Estonia. Also, one of the key focuses has been the development and sale of residential real estate, including rental houses development. I have been in charge of sales and marketing for a number of successful new residential development projects.

And today, I get to use my deep real estate industry knowledge and skills to develop the best possible solution on the market that helps landlords, property managers, and letting agents not only manage their rental property but to really grow their business in a most efficient way!

If you are a landlord, owner, or property manager looking for the right tool for your everyday operations that will save your time and enable you to manage 4xbigger rental property portfolios, then you are more then welcome to connect/send a message and I will be happy to talk.