Field of Expertise

Plant Science and Biotechnology including pharmaceutical products


I am an expert in Plant Biotechnology with a world-wide reputation. I have had extensive success in both academia and industry. In academia, I named and defined the WRKY family of transcription factors, one of the most important families of regulators in plants. This breakthrough work alone, established me as a scientist with a world-wide reputation. I have written over 60 academic publications (cited over 12,000 times by my peers). My major areas of expertise are disease resistance, drought tolerance, hemp/cannabis (cannabinoids and terpenes), gene regulation, systems biology, indoor farming, and Biologicals. In industry, I have led multimillion dollar internal and external research projects and I have produced both patents and products in addition to running a company and setting up research labs. My current position as President and Chief Scientific Officer of LPC Naturals has allowed me to expand my business skill set to include the development and marketing of new plant-based products and the establishment of brands. I have also gained experience in the regulatory processes involved in product registration in the USA.