Field of Expertise

Innovation and Technology Planning


►WHAT I DO: I improve the innovation management results of technology-led firms by working on business imperative projects to generate new revenue within 12 months.

►HOW I DO IT: Through business-led projects using validated innovation methods to identify and prioritise highly attractive innovation-led growth projects. I deploy the innovation and technology management toolkit of the Institute for Manufacturing at Cambridge University to tackle complex problems and build the capability in the firm to do so themselves.

Direction and Pace: Rapidly explore, validate and communicate plans to stakeholders using strategic roadmapping.

Decision Support: Improve the basis of decisions about investment in future technologies.

Capacity and Capability: Transforming the capacity of the organisation to better execute innovation and reduce risk.

Scaling up: Techno-commercial planning for technology-led businesses and helping you find solutions to obstacles to growth, Scaling-up new corporate ventures.