Field of Expertise

Risk management, threat monitoring, social media scanning


Sibylline’s Threat, Reputation and Issue Monitoring (TRIM) service builds clients’ resilience and security through actionable and tactical intelligence. This intelligence focuses on actors, trends, and developments that may pose a threat to the safety of assets, operations and personnel, and to the company’s reputation.​

Capturing the full picture of corporate exposure and vulnerability requires not just an understanding of the potential threats, issues, and sentiment but also – critically – what these mean for your business and operations. ​

This is where Sibylline’s human analysis-centric Threat Monitoring service provides a critical advantage, sitting at that nexus between the leading technologies, and highly-skilled and experienced multi-lingual analysts and investigators. Technologies, both proprietary and partner, provide access to a full range of global social media platforms, as well as deep and dark web sources. Our People exemplify the analytical rigor and nuanced understanding of business risk necessary to offer essential context and meaning.

Your challenge: As our world grows increasingly digitised and inter-connected, the challenges businesses face are proliferating. There is so much information (and misinformation!) out there, so much noise and chatter, it is becoming ever harder to determine the pertinent intelligence and detect the genuine threat amidst swathes of often unreliable, inaccurate, and misleading content. By trying to see everything, there is a risk of ending up with nothing and remaining in the dark.

Our solution: With access to vast quantities of information, our expert team turns this into actionable intelligence, targeted entirely to our client and their operations. We also then analyse this intelligence, situating it within the context of the evolving landscape - changes in group activity, shifting public sentiments - and determine its bearing for the client from a holistic/bigger picture perspective. ​
​By creating full, and timely, awareness of relevant threats, whether physical or reputational, our curated service provides the resilience, confidence, and security required to navigate an increasingly complex and digistised world.