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Human behaviour


Debra Stevens Founder of Dramatic Training Solutions and Author of ‘Brilliant Customer Service and Being human ( publication date may 2020 by Pearson Business Books) has been helping people communicate better for over 20 years and during this time has seen the rise of technology not only taking jobs , but seen the impact of dehumanisation in many areas of personal communication. I’m sure everyone has experienced being Phubbed, which is when you are mid conversation with someone and their phone buzzes and they immediately turn their attention away from you and give it o the phone , you have been well and truly phubbed ! It even in the dictionary.
Go into any coffee shop and watch people on their phones, they may well be with someone, but they’re absent and not in the moment.
5-week master class
Debra’s book , ‘Being Human’ , whilst it sets the scene of the current job climate ( backed by research from amongst others; The World economic forum and Pearson’s Future of skill and work ) it’s really more about giving the reader the opportunity to practice and the strengthen the skills needed to survive and thrive in the so called 4th industrial revolution
Every change of habit needs to be practiced and being human takes its Readers through a 5 week master class with daily and weekly exercises to help people build the 5 skills of:
1. Engage
2. Listen
3. Empathise
4. Inspire
5. Collaborate

As a nation tea drinking is deep in our DNA as is the art of conversation, I think we need to help people rediscover both:

What better way than learning the art of conversation over a Cuppa Twining’s Tea