Field of Expertise

Accessibility/inclusivity micromobility


Before I get to the sensible stuff, my most valuable experience has come from the perseverance and pain of becoming one of the world's top skateboarders and stunt-riders, then building a successful business and having a wonderful family, some of which, while being stuck in a wheelchair. My day-job experience; Project Manager for design/build projects for public-spaces/galleries, clients include; Disney, ABB, Alcoa, Alexander-Palace, Bombardier. Inventor, realisation-consultant, engineer and coder, for bicycle/motorcycle-sports products, logistics apps, mobility-management SaaS. Became disabled in 2011, and have designed a new mobility-product that restores the freedom and feeling of being 'the most agile guy in the picture'. Unlike any conventional personal-mobility device, our new 'Yo-Go' was designed by Clinicians and Athletes, to make the device feel 'part of you' - keeping within your personal proprioceptive zone, not an embarrassing encumbrance, that would bump into door-frames or make you worry you'll roll over peoples' toes. The problem we're solving is that seated, personal-mobility, carries a stigma of being for 'invalids', being sat down low, having to steer via joystick or handlebars, not being able to lift it unaided, not being able to get up kerbs, or across soft/uneven ground, robs a person of their independence. We also hate e-scooters, with their flawed geometry and braking-behaviour, and have designed the Yo-Go to completely replace those badly-designed vehicles (that have not reduced 'car use'). People want something that can do the whole (in)door-to-door journey, and integrate with pedestrian-zones and public-transit, or race along country trails if you prefer. They want something that can be lifted with one-hand, and steered/controlled with no-hands, leaving you free to do 'normal person' things. We've addressed the corporate/fleet/leisure market too, with affordable trade-price, simple management/monitoring software, it saves a venue having to rebuild their visitor-spaces to try to make them Accessible, and it's very convenient to take the rider and their shopping through supermarket self-checkouts. The uniquely-styled bodywork of the Yo-Go is completely customisable (and so are its feature/functions), you can display your company livery or advertising graphics, over the entire vehicle.