Field of Expertise



Eli Ariel began his GPS activity in in 1985 as GPS Manager in Tadiran; the activity began with the transfer of knowledge from Stanford Telecom to Tadiran and included the development of: • Command Control and Communication hand held systems based on IBM-PC / AT-compatible terminals with GPS receivers and moving digital maps, • High precision Attitude Determination System In 1992, Eli left Tadiran and became an independent consultant in the field of GPS and a professional examiner in the field of communications at the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy. In the field of GPS, Eli consulted to Intel, TI, the Electricity Company, the Police and other bodies, and delivered dozens of GPS courses to thousands of people, as well as filling the technical part of Israel's negotiating body with the European Galileo program. Development of GPS software receiver that can run on a variety of platforms, GPS simulators, and patented GPS indoor navigation.