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How 360 Video Tour Changed Industries for The Better

James Garfitt , Circus360
25 Jan, 2022
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The world has changed for good, courtesy of the dreaded COVID-19.

The world has changed for good, courtesy of the dreaded COVID-19. Hence, it is natural to assume that all usual forms of operations have undergone an alteration as well. Virtual reality is preferred to present with almost all industries making provisions for the change. True, the company management may not have the requisite skills to design and create a quality 360 virtual tour to gain an edge over the competitors. Well, you do not have to go it alone. The best way to ensure ROI would be to get in touch with the best 360 virtual tour company to move ahead. 

You will be excited by the results and increase in profitability when you belong to any of the following industries: -

Real Estate/Construction- Leads are easily converted after participating in a virtual tour. Statistics reveal that 75% of customers make any decision based on their tour experience. While it is easy to view the construction site and check out the features, such a tour also provides interactivity, thus allowing the viewer to add articles of her choice to visualize the final appearance. Architects and home designers find virtual tours indispensable as it gives them the power to rectify their mistakes and collaborate with the developer or the customer in real-time. Realtors operating in a limited area are excited to hold a virtual open day to show a property on sale.

Education - From admission to graduation, it is the virtual tour that has become a Godsend today. Students can choose to participate in a virtual university tour and check out the campus while noting the facilities and essentials of life. Almost all schools organize a discussion session with the top faculty member, thus creating a positive impression in their minds. Training and workshops may be conducted for existing students in a virtual environment, thus helping them understand more effectively. Students eager to pursue a professional course find such tours highly satisfactory and fulfilling.  

Retail - Virtual reality is the tool of the moment. No retail establishment can hope to remain profitable by avoiding this support. Virtual reality offers customers the convenience of touring the facility virtually. But, it would make the entire feel like a real one. Customers can tour the facility and even use interactive tools to try on different clothes or decorate a room and learn the tricks of usage of any particular product. In short, nothing is out of bounds. Companies hoping to further their business do not have to send their sales personnel to visit a prospect, either. Instead, virtual sales can ensure success with both the client and the seller remaining well protected in the comfort of their own homes. 

Tourism - Yes! This is a sad time for the travel and tourism industry. People are scared of venturing out of their homes unless it is an absolute necessity. Well, things have taken a turn for the better with many people hoping to travel around the world while seated on their favourite chair at home. Apart from showcasing the popular structures and natural wonders of the world, 360 virtual tour services capture some of the interesting events from across the globe and bring them right into the living room of today’s customers. 

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