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The majority of residential burglaries committed in the United Kingdom are through an external door and sometimes thieves’ resort to far more extreme methods to steal property without the house alarm being activated or to gain access to vehicle keys so to start without the alarm, immobilizer and tracking system being activated. These crimes are known as aggravated burglaries here in the United Kingdom and home invasion robberies or forced entries in other parts of the world.  

Put simply, once a homeowner has gone to receive a caller at the door and opens the entrance, the caller uses extreme force to gain unlawful entry or alternatively criminals will force unlawful entry through a locked door.

This unique security product has been developed here in the United Kingdom and has received a product of value award from the Society Of Professional Locksmiths in the USA and is currently used by Safer St Helens in Merseyside, Safer Worcester & West Mercia Police, Staffordshire Police, Warwickshire Police, Bedfordshire Police & West Midlands Police Force here in the UK in a number of applications including domestic violence, race hate, gender hate, repeat victims of burglary & Asian gold theft.

We recognised that the certainty of being sprayed with traceable forensic marking would be seen by today’s villains as the ultimate deterrent because when they activate this unique door security device its embedded forensic trace technology will link them to their crime scenes and with 100% non-malicious evacuation, we and others believe the deterrent value is working.

Forensic Chain of Evidence has been specifically designed to ease the fear associated with doorstep crimes and it assists the Police in the detection and apprehension of intruders by using the latest in UV based forensic trace technology and can provide the Crown Prosecution Service in the UK and other judiciaries located around the world with irrefutable scientific forensic evidence. 

NO recorded offences taking place at any of the target hardened addresses since the installation of this device!

Plans are underway to re-develop the existing gas powered product to enable modular electronic attachments including an impact camera.

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