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It was whilst watching an episode of a UK Police drama. The scene depicted an elderly lady answering a call at her front door, she put the security chain in place, as all crime prevention handbooks tell you to do, and opened the door, with one swift kick the chains fixings were ripped from the frame and the caller became an intruder. It was at this point I realised how ineffective the normal door security chain/bar was and I started to think of a more efficient and effective system, over the next few weeks, numerous sketches, drawings and written accounts on how the system should function automatic access control was born. I established R.D.S. Innovations in May 2000, 2 years after the initial idea was conceived. Being a company has enabled us to raise funding in a legal and professional way so to create reference designs, virtual animations, prototypes and to promote the device to industry and more importantly to see all relevant patent charges to include renewals are serviced so to retain the Intellectual Property Rights on a global scale. One of the main obstacles delaying development of auto access has been the size of the component parts required to make it fully functioning were too big. I am pleased to say that just by looking at the size of the camera/video on the back of your phone makes you realise these obstacles have now been negated. During the development process of establishing a forensic trace evacuation method for automatic access control I was made aware of an organisation who manufactures and markets handheld personal attack alarms, one of these alarms having the ability not only to sound a high decibel alarm but at the same time spray a UV based forensic marker. On closer inspection I realised that if this handheld device was encumbered into a static environment and installed at an entry point around the home and when in use only activated when an attempt to gain unlawful entry was made this device could be included into a range of products designed to ease the fear associated with residential burglary but at the same time if maliciously activated assist the Police in the identification of the individuals who perpetrate such criminal acts! “Forensic Chain Of Evidence” was born! I believed the certainty of being sprayed with a UV based identifiable forensic marker would be seen by today’s criminals as the ultimate deterrent because when they activate these unique door security devices their embedded forensic trace technologies links the criminal to their crime scenes and the evidence can aid in the prosecution of offenders in a court of law. The How Forensic Chain Of Evidence was licensed by StranDNA & Avocet Hardware and has been installed & forensically registered by a network of installers to hundreds of homes and businesses nationwide and deployed by numerous police forces and crime reduction organisations across the UK in the following safeguarding applications, domestic violence, witness protection, Asian gold theft, repeat victims of burglary, vulnerable members of society and to ease the fear of crime. NO recorded offences at any of the target hardened addresses! All this from watching an episode of “The Bill” (UK Police Drama)