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The reasons as to why the innovators on our platform are so hot on sustainability.

Day in, day out, we see many incredible innovations about how to become sustainable in our everyday lives and how we can improve on becoming eco-friendlier.

Our platform is the perfect place to get yourself educated, to familiarise yourself with what is already out there, and the reasons as to why the innovators on our platform are so hot on sustainability.

Let’s take a look at some of the innovators on our platform who have innovations in a variety of different sectors and learn what they’re offering in order to become more sustainable in those fields.

Jerry Johnson at Qalitix registered on our platform with his innovation, Sourcing Quality Raw Material. The solution entails an AI predictive platform that enables food companies to partner with their supply chain (farmers) to sustainably grow crops (raw materials) with specific attributes. Jerry continues to elaborate on his innovation by adding ‘AI correlates a food company's desired food attributes, for example, protein, texture, taste and machinability with cropping properties for example soils, tillage, seed varieties, water management and timing. The correlations are captured in a model’.

Whilst Jerry Johnson looks at sustainability in the food and beverage sector, APA - Air Pollution Abatement by Giuseppe Spanto, explores sustainability in the environment sector and looks at APA - Air Pollution Abatement technology, which is the 1st certified and qualified filter-less solution that cleans and controls the ambient air, acting at the surface level. Giuseppe mentions that one of the key benefits is that it creates an extensively better places to live and work (and breathe) everywhere, as safer spaces, thanks to the innovative and efficient ambient air cleaning technology.

Jerry and Giuseppe’s innovations are just two of many that look at sustainability and becoming more sustainable in today’s world. Whatever area you’re looking to become eco-friendlier in, we’re guaranteed to have it here on the LEO platform, ranging from food & beverage to power & utilities.

Alternatively, maybe you have an innovation to add to our platform which contributes to sustainability!

For more information on sourcing innovation, click here.

For more information on adding an innovation to the platform, click here.

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