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The Basis of the Localized Magnetism Semi-conductor Electron Excitation (LMSEE) Project

This article, congruent with another article on the same subject, contains relevant points tackled in the paper with the stated title (at this author had written and published at the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN) digital repository that is also referenced at in, full content free access of which will be available in a limited time.

Unconventional but most promising renewable energy resource possibilities had always been around at arm's reach awaiting to be noticed. Though proposed schemes never been done before and topics never been discussed in other venues or elsewhere but now it's here. This article establishes the evidences put forward in my paper centered around the undoubtedly preeminent nature of an electron as a basic source of energy, of how such energy can be further practically harnessed to serve as a sustainable energy source.

Embodied in this manifesto as presented on that paper are facts, ideas, concepts, and ways to access the energy from this subatomic particle of matter so that it can be usable to help address contemporary power needs out of clean, sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, that may depict a strong contrast with recent mainstream energy sources and means.

As mankind today favors clean energy technology and is showing progress on global warming mitigation, carbon footprint reduction or elimination, net-zero emissions, energy efficiency, and the sustainability or preservation of the world's resources, untapped schemes or techniques that are deemed possible are presented.

One of the objectives of this article includes putting forward the paper's proposed ways of utilizing the electron's characteristics when subjected to forces from sources of energy such as certain electric or electromagnetic fields and other energy possessing entities.

The electron, in materials at the nano-particle size or smaller that could generally exist in semiconductors, can be induced to a behavior that will constitute motion that can be exploited for practical power generation applications and other innovative solutions to address real-world challenges, ushering a new era of renewable energy technologies. This conceived new technology will see fruition through the LMSEE Project that focused on the device being initiated for patent application and seeking for funding as of this writing.

The mentioned paper provides the building block of the localized magnetism semi-conductor electron excitation (LMSEE) method and device proposed in the LMSEE Project.

Feel free to access the paper and get an idea of the facts and concepts presented as this article is envisioned as subject matters of academic discussions, pave way for entrepreneurial insights and kindle business opportunities, or achieve commodity status for the common good. Your comments can be valuable as feedback and your reaction is essential for this endeavor. I will answer questions regarding the paper in this article so stay tuned.

Note that free access to the full paper content is of limited time only. For the time being, it is available at no cost but I may cease on this as I deem it necessary. By then, It will be replaced with the preview version with the link to get the full research text. So check it out now while still free!

The full paper will be provided upon request at a small amount as fund raising for the LMSEE Project (support can be via Paypal through this link -

An e-book will be available soon with the details, illustrations and explanations to clarify the ideas, concepts, and proposed technology solutions.

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