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Tips to Use A 360 Virtual Tour in Social Media

James Garfitt , Circus360
20 Nov, 2021
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Social media pages are meant for quick interactions and reconnecting with your old friends that you had lost touch with.

Social media pages are meant for quick interactions and reconnecting with your old friends that you had lost touch with. Yet another use has taken precedence of late. Yes! You can use social media to reach out to prospects and try to convert them into loyal followers. Adding a post or a static image is not interesting anymore. You can include video posts to bring your point home. It is sure to kindle interest. Try incorporating a 360 tour into your page and grab attention big time. 

You are welcome to launch a marketing campaign on social media and provide an immersive experience for the viewers who are sure to be impressed. Your objective may be to obtain more clients or promote your brand to the selected audience. You may even try to increase the visibility of your products and associated brands. 

A virtual tour works like a dream regardless of the industry or brand. You must make sure to provide a complete and also engrossing experience to the prospects, and you will find them contacting you immediately afterward. You can simulate your physical store perfectly and have the virtual visitors check it out from every angle possible. A sneak peek behind the counter or into the warehouse will have them go completely gaga too. 

You may go a step further and harness the power of 360 virtual tour services flawlessly. 

Some of the best ways to get quick and positive results would be to try out the following techniques: -

Creating the Tour 

While you are welcome to decide what you want to reveal to the visitor and create the tour painstakingly from scratch, it might be more challenging than you think. Guarantee results by teaming up with a reputable 360 virtual tour company and sharing the things you want to share with the public. Let the technological challenges be dealt with the help of experts of the trade. Make sure to take the tour yourself once it is ready and have it edited if required. 

Important Features

An ideal 360 video tour should look realistic to the visitor. The visitor should not feel the difference between reality and virtual worlds. Making it interactive is an absolute must as well. The visitor must be able to zoom in and out as and when needed. Moreover, they can even go into corridors and passages to access the corners of any room. Clicking on specific points should have the right information popping up so that the user does not have to go elsewhere. Finally, it must be responsive with the user being free to access it from any platform, including desktops, laptops, and handheld devices. Do not make the mistake of advising the visitor to put on a VR headset. The best companies engaged in 360 video production in London will be able to surpass that need too. 

Statistics prove that a virtual video enjoys a high level of popularity. 80% of YouTube watchers are fascinated by virtual reality, and you can always embed the virtual video on Facebook to make it accessible to your followers. 

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