The Group-Muv! system provides a low power and wireless method of logging accurately time spent working on tasks in intrinsically safe environments.


The Group-Muv! ATW (Automating Time Writing) system provides a fast and simple method of logging time spent working on a particular task and is ideal for harsh and remote environments. The system requires little action from the user and minimal setup by the operator.

If you have thousands of employees working on sites to maintain industrial plant equipments and you need them to perform time writing: that is, recording the time spent on each discrete job they do throughout the day.

This solution provides a safe and an accurate way to capture the employees' produtivity on tasks in intrinsically safe environments and improves the planning and the forecasting of future tasks. The solution is highly driven by data analytics.

Key Benefits

1) Accuracy of time taken to perform maintenance for each job someone completes throughout their day.

2) Minimal user input required. The less time they have to spend on time writing, the better. Any time spent is time away from the tools. Need both arms free to do maintenance.

3) Any devices or sensors used can be fastened to a person or to their personal protective equipment and to keep their hands free as much as possible.

4) The solution is intrinsically safe: limiting the energy (thermal or electrical) available for the system. The system is run on such a low level of energy that the ignition of a hazardous atmosphere cannot occur.


The proposed innovation is applicable to energy Company or any companies that are currently looking for a time writing process for site-based employees so that it is quick and easy for people to enter their time accurately.

The product will help them to know how much time each person is spending maintaining each piece of equipment. Having accurate maintenance time data is very important to the business so they can make informed decisions about maintenance, replacing equipment, and forecasting future work.

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