Field of Expertise

Transportation/aviation/pedestrian movements/ shopping centres/ rail station/ airport terminal/ Capacity Planning


Emile Cauwenbergh is a self-motivated and charismatic individual with an exceptional personality combined with a drive to develop and guide others. Emile’s main skills lie in problems solving, operational/strategic planning and modeling. Emile’s experience has mainly been in the transport industry with an emphasis in airport planning and rail station planning. Emile has over 10 years experience in the consulting industry and this has enhanced his natural ability to deal with a wide range of individuals and solve complex business/operational problems in a timely and pressure-driving environment.
Emile’s extensive experience in transport planning has made him an expert in solving complex operational problems and understanding clearly the dynamic processes behind any problems. Having a strong technical/mathematical background has made him efficient in analysing data, handling, managing and planning complex projects. Emile’s strongest skills apart from the technical areas are his communication, business acumen, creativity, and ability to identify and encourage others in pursuing positive actions across the entire spectrum. Emile has a keen interest in both the application of complex data analysis to drive business decisions and the use of Agile principle (“Scrum”) in project management.