Traditionally, leather was made from animal skin which is not sustainable. BeerLeather applied CAMBOND bio-resin derived from brewery waste together with NanoCellulose for a change


Traditionally, leather was made from animal skins, which made use of millions of animals and affected biodiversity. Animal-derived leather is processed through harmful chemicals and a lot of water is used, which has caused water wastage. It is also non-biodegradable, which has
caused environmental pollution. Rise in awareness regarding environment and animal extinction are the key factors that drive
growth of the vegan leather industry. Rise in demand for leather products and consumer shift toward organic products are the factors that contribute toward growth of the global market. Increase in use of leather in different industries such as automotive and fashion industries also increase demand for vegan leather. Furthermore, high income, changing living standard, and internet penetration has increased consumption of vegan leather products. However, non-
availability of raw materials and availability of a substitute product creates threat for growth of the vegan leather market. There is a real need in the leather industry to find an alternative method that addresses the problems above. The present innovation provides a natural nano-cellulose fibre enhanced leather where the bio-based leather comprising patented CAMBOND plant based adhesives together with nano-cellulose fibtes as well as one or more natural fabric lining materials to meet different customer needs.

Key Benefits

The key materials are from bio-waste which can be a pollution to environment. Beer waste sludge is ambundant and no shortage of supply which leads to low cost to produce BeerLeather. The incorporation nano-cellulose fibre can enhance the mechnical properties of the products produced. The process can be tailored to meet different scale. The materials are safe, biodegrdable and recyclable to leave low carbon footprint.


BeerLeather can be used to replace animal skin leather in fashion industry. BeerLeather can be also used in automotives industry. BeerLeather can be used in food packaging to replace single used plastic and paper.

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