Making sense of, applying, & integrating creativity, invention, design thinking, entrepreneurship & innovation to emerge & catalyse innovation-led change & transformation.


An eight week, global, online, collaborative, and deeply personalised, intimate, online blended learning, small group innovation coaching program.

To teaches, train, coach, and mentors people, groups, and teams to step over their business-as-usual thresholds and open them up to a new world of conscious, creative, and commercial possibilities.

It enables and empowers participants to apply emergence, creativity, design thinking, scrum, agile, and start-up methodologies to innovation coaching and leadership in life and work – to feel confident and safe in being, thinking, and acting differently to be agile, adapt, innovate and grow in an uncertain world.

Key Benefits

1. Certifies participants a professional coaches for innovation in line with the standards and ethics of the International Coaching Federation.
2. Inspires and mobilizes participants’ (individuals and groups) potential to learn, adapt and grow through disruption.
3. Resources and empowers participants to safely shake up and challenge the status quo and become business game changers and boundary-pushers.
4. Enables participants to create a collective holding space and container which creates the conditions for individuals and groups to safely play, imagine, improvise, create, experiment, invent and innovate.
5. Participants learn how to make sense of innovation, strategically and systemically, and confidently and competently apply and align it in their own unique context, no matter what it is.
6. Participants learn to apply their 21st-century future-fit skillset to elevate their teams, organizations, and business practices to adapt and grow through disruption.


Promotes deep learning about how to make sense of and apply true and sustainable innovation to individuals, teams, and organizations to build their internal and external capability to adapt and grow through disruption as well as develop their future fitness.

Customizable to any learning platform, and organizational or team needs, with people's collective intelligence, align people to strategy to deliver commercially viable breakthroughs, and make innovation a habit.

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