Field of Expertise

Innovation Culture, Future Fit Organisations, Innovation Coaching, Innovation Leadership, Innovation Teams


My focus is on the People side of Innovation, developing innovation teams and leaders in organisations. Who have the desire and courage to invest in learning how to change, be agile, think and act differently to transform, innovate, thrive, and flourish through constraints, challenges, and disruption.

I work with leaders, teams, coaches, and organisations to adapt, harness their collective genius and become future-fit to deliver their growth goals for purposeful change by:

- generating mindset shifts,
- building their capability to adapt, drive change and innovation,
- working with them to unblock barriers to change, innovation and growth,
- opening them up to their potential to be, think and do things differently,
to ultimately make innovation a habit and way of life.

My work enables and empowers leaders and teams to adapt, collectively, and consciously reimagine, remake and grow their organisations by creating the psychological safety and conditions for creative and inventive insights and collective breakthroughs to emerge.

I am an innovation strategist, transformer, innovator, mentor, and coach who inspires supports and coaches individuals and teams to nurture and embed innovation in business, in organisations, experiencing the shockwaves of disruptive change in our VUCA world.

I enable people to step over the threshold that opens up a new world of conscious, creative, and commercial possibilities by:
• Creating containers in which individuals, teams, organisations, and eco-systems can function, adapt, innovate and grow.
• Tapping into the wider collective intelligence that emerges and cultivates innovative and collaborative organisations, leaders, and teams.
• Integrating the transformational powers of creativity, invention, and innovation, with human-centered design thinking, and lean start-up methodologies to emerge and realize opportunities and solve problems in ways that people value and cherish.

I have a 32 year corporate and consulting career in organisational change, culture, transfromational leadership, top team effectiveness and executive coaching with some of Australasia's and Israel's top 100 companies.

I run free Making Innovation a Habit monthly innovation webinars. The next Coach for Innovators Certified Program starts May 4 2021.