CORA is a step beyond encryption that delivers ‘quantum safe, unbreakable data security’ which protects information, companies, organizations, communication and people.


CORA makes the hack irrelevant. Perhaps hackers will always find a way to break in, however, if protected by CORA, they will never obtain the 'readable data'.

The Problem
Encryption can and is being broken. Current standards of encryption are "factorization based".
When Quantum Computers arrive on the scene, all current factorization-based standards of encryption will be 'easily' broken, and thus archaic. The race for quantum computers is often referred to as the 'new arms race'.
Cyber criminals are already costing the global community more than hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

The solution
1. Claude Shannon, the father of information theory, described perfect encryption in which the "key" is larger than the data. CORA's MUPs (Multiple Use Pads) are of unlimited size (may be larger than the proportionate data). Mathematically, this results in CORA blocs being astronomically stronger than any other form of encryption available. Hence, CORA is far greater than 101104 times stronger than military grade encryption.
MUPs are akin to the infamous "One Time Pads" except that MUPs are reusable, practical and ideally suited to electronic implementations.
2. CORA uses a distributed methodology, similar to Block chains, except that it utilizes a ‘centralized’ control structure that allows CORA to permanently shut down a compromised solution. Should a hacker breach a server, the files obtained will be useless.
With CORA, the Cloud becomes a value add to corporations, governments and board rooms. CORA provides a level of security for static data on servers, and real-time communication, that is unbreakable, and efficient!
CORA stands out as a 'Trust Independent' solution. Developers, manufacturers and users are not forced to trust any single authority, company, network or server.
CORA can be used for the highest-level security needs.

Market Potential
Do you know anyone that might be interested in Unbreakable data security? How much would a government pay to guarantee the safety of their data?
Banks, hospitals, governments, social media, corporations, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, connected cars, industry and manufacturing – unbreakable security in a connected world where cyber criminals operate without borders, is no longer optional – it is a 'must have'!

Key Benefits

The global community is losing in excess of $700 B/year. This figure is steadily growing.
CORA is capable of stopping this loss before the pain becomes too great, and before quantum computers arrive on the scene.

CORA is fast and effective; meaning that users don't have to be burdened with the implementation of proper security. For decades, even developers and programmers shy away from encrypting their work in an effort to avoid the delays associated with advanced encryption. Using CORA is effective, and doesn't lace this burden on the end user. If properly implemented, then in addition to being "unbreakable" is should empower proper cyber hygiene.

There are far too many examples of the cost of having a data breach, including yahoo, ebay, Target, adobe, Heartland Payment Systems, Sony, Anthem, Uber, JPMorgan Chase, Verisign - to name just a few. The cost to their image (Public Relations) is greater than the financial cost.
Imagine the contrast that would have existed if, rather then debated a cover up, or engage in one, these corporations had proudly announced that there had been a breach, however, not a single password or piece of information will ever be viewed.

1) CORA protects your data and communication.
2) CORA is unbreakable today, and quantum safe tomorrow (if properly implemented).
3) CORA makes the hack irrelevant.
4) Through it use of Multiple Use Pads (keys of unlimited size) and CORA blocs (a distributed solution), CORA is probabilistic in nature, resulting in unimaginably large numbers; it is a new standard of cryptography that is quantum safe - today.


CORA is used in CORA-X, a standalone Windows app that allows users to secure key files and/or folders that contain sensitive information.
CORA Cyber Security Inc (CORAcsi) is currently working on CORA-X drive - a virtual drive that will secure all files saved to it; removing the need for users to manually lock/unlock their protected data. This will be available for individual computers, and centrally controlled servers on corporate intranets.
The CORA API is available for any application that might be developed to protect data and/or communication. CORAcsi is intent on securing the global marketplace as quickly as possible. To this end CORAcsi is seeking industry partners (as well as clients) to help deliver CORA to the global community.

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