Field of Expertise

Multiple Use Pads


One Time Pads have long been know to have perfect secrecy (encryption). Claude Shannon the father of information theory long ago established the concept and mathematical foundation for perfect encryption. As the Venona project clearly established, OTPs are not practical; if the same OTP is used more than once, rather than having 'perfect secrecy', it essentially has 'no secrecy'. Hence, while every student of information theory will study OTPs early in their education, they don't do much with them after that. I have pioneered the natural evolution to OTPs, namely, MUPs. MUPs offer the benefits of OTPs while being reusable and practical. MUPs would not be possible with paper and pen (Venona project), however, with some creativity and diligence, they are available in a digital environment (computer). While I have discovered number implementation of MUPs, some are far more efficient than others. It should be noted that I am the founder of CORA Cyber Security Inc., and that CORAcsi uses MUPs in our Quantum Safe Cryptography.