CORA-Gold is based upon CORA, a quantum safe distributed encryption and blockchain. It is energy friendly (Green) and value-stable making it an ideal choice for all transactions.


CORA is a quantum safe cryptography that makes hacking irrelevant.
CORA-Gold, based upon CORA, is a cryptocurrency that:

1) quantum computer will not break.

2) distributed solution (blockchain) - immutable, transparent, redundant and secure.

3) centrally controlled - green (energy friendly), fast (thousands of TPS), inexpensive and durable (minimal miner/cloud costs - MEV) removes concerns with 51% attacks and longevity of mining the chain).

4) value-stable - the structure and implementation of CORA-Gold will be value based and wallet secure so that:
a) coin values are backed by 'value'.
b) wallets are quantum safe and protected such that, if a user has their private key stolen or lost, they may retain ownership of their currency.

Key Benefits

CORA is encryption that quantum computers will not break.
CORA makes the hack irrelevant through its implementation as a distributed solution.
CORA-Gold is a safe, immutable, transparent, redundant and persistent cryptocurrency. It is the ideal cryptocurrency for governments and financial institutions. It is also ideally suited to individual use as for friendly and stable transactions locally and globally.
The CORA-Gold wallet will empower fast and reliable transactions and currency exchanges. Moreover, for those who use CORA-Gold for their transactions, their CORA-Gold coins will be safe and persistent should their key(s) be stolen or lost.


1) Local transactions: purchase goods and services using our wallet (app).
2) Global transactions: transfer funds instantly (as with most cryptocurrencies)
3) Currency exchange between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

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