A theft-proof parking system that is comprised of a secure physical stand connected to an app that manages the booking of the nearest available bicycle parking slots in an area.


1) Why is our innovation unique?

It is difficult to tell if there is a secure and a slot available in a bicycle parking where we are travelling to. This innovation provides both the secure stand and the application needed to remotely book bicycle parking slot.

2) What market problem our innovation is addressing?

There is a global increase in cycling, for both health and environmental reasons. This demand has subsequently increased the number of bicycle thefts around the country. For this very reason, our secure stand that is connected to a booking app will provide us with a peace of mind wherever we are travelling to. It will also encourage the use of bicycle among our friends and families.

Key Benefits

- Improves physical and mental health
- Environmentally friendly
- Significantly reduces carbon emissions


Wherever people are willing to travel/commute to:
- Parks
- Shopping
- Work
- Visiting friends and families

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